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(Amblyseius cucumeris)

Thrips Predator MitesThrips predator mites come supplied in handy shaker bottles, ready to be sprinkled over plant foliage or on rockwool blocks. Release predators at or before the first sign of thrips or mites. Use 100-500 per plant, or 200,000 per acre, repeated every 2-3 weeks until the predator to thrips ratio is 1:1 or better. They're shipped as adults mixed with wheat bran, ready for release. If release must be delayed, store at 50-65° F. for a short time only, away from sunlight.

A. cucumeris is known to eat onion and flower thrips, as well as several mite species (including cyclamen mites, spider mites, & broad mites), Thrips Lifecycleand has been successfully used on cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, roses, tomatoes, ornamentals, and other crops grown in greenhouses and indoors. They do best with high humidity levels (75-90%).

These are very tiny, tan colored mites, nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Life cycle is 20-30 days, depending on temperature. (An ideal temperature range would be 72-80F.) They're usually found on the underside of the leaves, where females lay their eggs. When at rest, they prefer to stay in crevices and corners, such as areas along leaf veins and flower heads. Nymphs hatch in 2-3 days and eat pollen, mite eggs, and small thrips. They molt into adults about 10 days later, and eat 1-5 thrips larvae per day. If they run out of thrips to eat they feed on pollen and mites, waiting for the thrips return. Adult females lay 2-3 eggs daily.

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