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Harmless To Children and PetsSluggo is a totally organic compound that kills both slugs and snails without the usual poisons. After use, it breaks down into harmless fertilizer (iron phosphate). And, it's just as effective as metaldehyde bait, a known hazard to pets, children, and wildlife!

Unlike metaldehyde baits, Sluggo is not at all toxic to animals. Sluggo can be used around pets, children, and wildlife without adverse effects. It also remains effective after rainfall or irrigation. In fact, Sluggo can be used in vegetable gardens at all times, right up to the moment of harvest! (Metaldehyde products can only be used Sluggo Non-Toxic Slug and Snail Baituntil fruit begins to form on plants.) If Sluggo is not eaten by slugs and snails, it simply biodegrades into the soil, leaving no toxic residues.

Sluggo is attractive to snails and slugs, and lures them from their hiding places. Once snails or slugs eat Sluggo, they stop eating plants and then die within 3-6 days. Unlike metaldehyde, dead snails may not be visible since they have time to hide before dying. However, plant damage ceases immediately, as soon as feeding on Sluggo occurs!

Sluggo Kills Slugs and SnailsThere's no restriction on where Sluggo can be used - ornamental plants, ground covers, fruit trees, citrus trees, berries, vegetables (even up to the day of harvest), lawn areas, greenhouses, etc. are all fine, and approved uses.

Since snails and slugs feed mostly at night, evening is the best itme to apply Sluggo. Apply Sluggo evenly at about 1 lb. per 1,000 square feet (1 teaspoon per square yard). Re-apply as Sluggo is consumed. Scatter Sluggo around or near desired plants. In pots, apply 1/2 teaspoon per 9-inch pot.

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