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We've made our ordering process so easy, it's simply a matter of clicking on "order" buttons located next to each product. But what really happens to your personal information after that? At what point does your information become "secure" and "encrypted"? At Nature's Control and Ladybug Indoor Gardens, you can order online with confidence, knowing that your personal information is fully encrypted and insured by Equifax Secure, combined with the secure shopping cart services of, our shopping cart provider.

If desired, you can use your internet browser to verify for yourself the exact point when you enter any secure server, and to check out our (or anybody else's, for that matter) Secure Site Certificate. This is important to know for your security, and we'll even guide you through the process, step by step, using Internet Explorer and our shopping cart order system, in the steps below:

After you've selected your purchases, you'll come to our shopping cart screen below. There's no personally identifiable information here yet, and you could still go back and order more items if you wanted, so this page is not yet secure. Still, the address bar shows you've been moved to our shopping cart site, where shipping calculations occur:

Order Screen One

When you're ready to "Check Out", click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button. You'll come to the following screen, where you're asked to specify a ship-to Zip Code. We're asking you this because we'll use this information to offer shipping choices suited for shipping perishable packages to your area:

Order Screen Two

Enter your Zip Code, and click on "Get Rates". Now you'll be presented with a list of shipment options available for shipment to your Zip Code area, along with the costs for each:

Order Screen Three

Select the choice you like best, and press "Checkout". The following screen then verifies your shipping choice, and the shipping price you'll be charged. Please note that so far, all information exchanged has still been non-identifiable as to any particular person, address, or credit card number, and these shipping calculations need to happen first before entering our secure area:

Order Screen Four

Click on "Checkout". Now, on the following screen, things will change as you are now moved to our Secure Server site. We're moving you there because now we're going to start asking personal questions, like your address, credit card number, your phone number, and email address. We wouldn't dream of sharing this kind of information with anyone else, and we aren't going to use it ourselves, either, except for shipping this one order (you won't be personally contacted by anyone, ever, unless for some reason we have a problem with this order). We know this information we're asking for is sensitive, and we'd only ask you if it was important for shipping this order, and then on our secure site. Notice how the browser bar now starts out "https..." instead of "http"? The extra "s" in the browser bar is your first clue you're at a Secure Site. Your screen will now look like this below:

Order Screen Five

At this point is where you can check out the properties of our (or anybody elses) Secure Server, and view details of our Site Certificate:

Order Screen Five-A

To view details of our Site Certificate, go to "File", and scroll down and click on "Properties". You'll then come to the screen below:

Order Screen Five-B

Click on "Certificates" to view our Secure Certificate details. A Secure Certificate is essentially an insurance policy protecting your orders, and it's this company that actually encrypts your data, preventing it from being viewed by anyone in email "transit". On the screen below, details of our Site Certificate are viewable to anyone, including policy type and dates effective! You can't ask for a more open-book policy than this:

Order Screen Five-C

Satisfied that you're doing business with a merchant who's gone to the trouble of protecting your data, you click "OK" and complete the order form, and press "I Am Done - Process My Order". You'll come to our final order screen below:

Order Screen Six

Press "Send E-Mail Confirmation" to confirm your order. A confirming email soon arrives, stripped of your credit card data and without your address. We get a copy too, and it's without your personal identifying data as well, so your sensitive information is never transmitted by email. These are just some of the steps we take to keep your data safe! We do this not only for your protection, but because it's the way we believe in running our business.

Still concerned about security and the internet? We're always glad to do business by phone or fax, too, and if you're passing through Medford, Oregon, feel free to stop on by. You'll get the same great service, no matter how your order arrives!

Sincerely, The Crew at Nature's Control

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